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Italy - Rome, 30 attack the Umberto I hospital: “They wanted to free a protester in custody who had refused the swab”

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Social incident - Public safety incident



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2021-10-11 07:46:37

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2021-10-11 07:46:38





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Policlinico Umberto I, Rome, Comune di Roma Capitale, Lazio

It all started with a categorical and violent refusal of undergo the tampon before he was hospitalized and quickly turned into a robbery which devastated the emergency room of the hospital Umberto I of Rome. According to what was disclosed by the Police Headquarters, “the no vax demonstrator (arrested after trying to escape from a police check during yesterday’s ‘no green pass’ demonstrations, ed) refused in violent ways to be subjected to triage and the measures envisaged for the containment of the Covid-19“. Thus, they explained, he was placed in isolation, as an unvaccinated person: “In the meantime, some relatives and friends gathered outside the hospital, who began to verbally inveigh against the health personnel, incited by the same protester “. Actions that preceded the assault occurred later, when about thirty demonstrators no green pass hanno broke in in an attempt to free the detained protester. A violent action, that of the group, carried out after having broken through the entrance door, devastating the premises and also attacking the health personnel. “The assault was triggered because one of the arrested, a man from Sicily, had been hospitalized. Probably in an attempt to free him. The front door was forced open, stretchers were pulled up and the operators barricaded themselves inside. The troublemakers, however, managed to enter the red area of ​​the emergency room ”, explained the councilor for health Alessio D’Amato, on site for an inspection. The man was sued for resistence, injury to a public official e I refuse to release my personal details. According to police sources, he tried to make gods during the demonstration video to law enforcement before Largo Chigi and, after being stopped, together with other people, including members of the far right Italian and the movement IoApro, refused to provide the documents and ran away. An officer was also injured in the chest. Followed at a distance by the agents, once arrived in Borghese Gallery he threw himself on the ground saying he was beaten by the police. So he was transported to the hospital by 118. Police intervention brought the situation back to normal around 4 am but there are four wounded, two between the police and two between health personnel. A nurse was hit by a bottle in the head: “It happened during the struggle and was then reported with a few days – explains D’Amato – It is a very serious fact what happened during the night. It is not tolerable that health workers are attacked. We must stop the climate of hatred, this escalation of violence ”. The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, wanted to send his message of closeness and solidarity to the hospital operators who were involved in the ambush, following that at the headquarters of the CGIL: “Solidarity with the doctors, nurses and health workers in the emergency room of Umberto I of Rome, victims of a vile attack happened last night – he commented – Another act of squads to the detriment of those who work every day to protect people’s health. Full confidence in the work of the judiciary and the police to identify those responsible as soon as possible ”.

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