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Israel - Bird flu found in turkeys in northern Israel

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Biological origin - Epidemic (animal)



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2021-10-13 19:55:39

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2021-10-15 19:51:06





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Nahalal, Jezreel Valley Regional Council, Northern District

Turkey birds in a farm near Nahalal in northern Israel were found to be infected with bird flu, the Agriculture Ministry announced on Wednesday. The affected farm, containing 42,000 turkeys, was isolated by the veterinary service of the Agriculture Ministry and operation to handle the affected farm began. The ministry is testing all farms in the area. The last incident of bird flu in Israel was detected in October 2020 and was handled by the Agriculture Ministry at the exact same farm near Nahalal. In December 2020, additional cases of the flu were found at Kibbutz Tsor'a near Beit Shemesh and Kibbutz Galgal in the Jordan Valley. Since March 2006, cases of bird flu have been found in Israel almost every year.

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