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India - Indian Schoolboy Injured By Exploding Ice-Cream Bomb

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Social incident - Public safety incident



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2021-11-23 09:13:33

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2021-11-23 09:13:34





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There have been several cases of children falling prey to ice-cream-shaped bombs in the Kannur district of the Indian state of Kerala. Earlier this year, two children were seriously injured after they picked up a bomb hidden inside an ice cream and it exploded.A 12-year-old boy in India's Kerala was injured on Monday after an ice-cream ball that contained a bomb exploded. The boy, Sreevarth Pradeep, was rushed to Thalassery Co-operative Hospital after the accident in Dharmadom in the state's Kannur district.According to media reports, Sreevarth was playing cricket with other kids in the neighbourhood. While playing the boy picked up the bomb in a field near their playground.Reportedly, the ball-shaped ice cream container was filled with explosives and it blew up when the boy tried to discard it.After the accident, the local police reached the spot and an investigation is underway.

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