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Cyprus - Child in Chabad kindergarten dies due to meningitis infection

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2021-11-24 07:12:45

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2021-11-24 07:12:45





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A two-year-old at a Chabad kindergarten in Cyprus seems to have died due to a meningitis infection.An Israeli two-year-old learning at a Chabad kindergarten in Limassol in Cyprus died on Monday after he fell ill with a fever and rash suspected of being caused by meningitis, according to Israeli media.Additional children have fallen ill, including a two-year-old girl who is in moderate condition and has been airlifted to Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer.The girl arrived at Sheba on Tuesday evening in stable condition and she underwent a series of tests.Dr. Moshe Ashkenazi, the deputy director of Safra children's hospital at Sheba, called on parents to vaccinate their children against the N. meningitidis bacteria that cause the disease, stressing that the vaccine is the best way to protect children against it.

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