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United Kingdom - Two injured as pigs storm golf course - Greens destroyed during animal rampage

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Biological origin - Animal attack



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2021-11-25 07:39:32

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2021-11-25 07:39:33





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Lightcliffe Golf Club, Hipperholme, West Yorkshire, England

TWO people have been injured after a pair of giant black pigs stormed a golf course in West Yorkshire. The hogs rampaged through Lightcliffe Golf Club in the village of Hipperholme near Halifax on Sunday before returning to wreak more havoc two days later. Club member David Jackson, whose garden the pigs tried to invade, said two people who had tried to shepherd the beasts off the course were bitten and had to go to A&E after the pigs rushed them. He said: "They were big, lumbering things, but when they want to go, they can go. I've never seen anything like it before." Asked about the condition of those wounded, Mr Jackson said: "They're fine. Shocked, but fine." He described the animals as a cross between wild boars and Vietnamese pot bellied pigs, adding they were 50 percent bigger than a normal pig, although the exact breed remains a mystery. The pair left their mark by adding their own holes to the 18 hole course during their rampage. After causing chaos, they disappeared, but returned on Tuesday when they managed to escape the greens and make their way onto a main road, bringing traffic to a standstill. Mr Jackson said: "One pig went straight up to one car coming down the road and put its snout straight on the car's radiator. "It was literally in front of the car. The people inside did nothing. People were tooting their horns, but [the pigs] didn't move. They weren't bothered. They were big damn things." James Hart, who had only popped out to pick up his wife's car and walk the dog, spotted one of the huge creatures. He rang the RSPCA and police before teaming up with a woman in a bid to coax it off the road and down a snicket so it was not blocking the route. Despite their attempts, the pig refused to budge and the pair had to guide cars round it. Mr Hart told the Halifax Courier: "It tried to bite the woman two of three times and it tried to go for me. It was a big thing and had some power behind it. The snout on it was massive. "If you'd have hit it, it'd have written your car off."

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