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United States - Bear Trap Fire (Wildfire)

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Fire - Outdoor fire



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2022-06-23 15:32:48

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2022-06-23 15:32:48





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The Bear Trap Fire was reported as 100 acres on May 1, 2022 at 1200 hours in Bear Trap Canyon, San Mateo Mountains, Magdalena Ranger District, Cibola National Forest & National Grasslands. The fire is approximately 22 miles southwest of Magdalena, New Mexico.On May 3, the Albuquerque Zone Type 3 Team assumed command of the fire. The Southwest Type 2 Incident Management Team 4 transitioned with the previous team May 14. California Incident Management Team 10 accepted transfer of command of the fire May 24. The strategy for the Bear Trap Fire is to fully suppress the fire while protecting valuable resources in the area, including natural and cultural resources and infrastructure. Crews have been successful in limiting fire spread to the north, east, and west along previous prescribed fire scars. Minimal fire activity remains along the southern flank in unburned pockets of vegetation and lingering hot spots as crews continue to mop up and patrol. At this time, the fire is not a threat...

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