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United States - Black Fire (Wildfire)

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Fire - Outdoor fire



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2022-07-02 19:23:24

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2022-07-02 19:23:24





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Highlights: The first objective of any fire operation is public and firefighter safety; this is ongoing after the fire is contained or even extinguished. In an effort to reduce the secondary damage caused by erosion the primary focus is to repair those activities that were used in containing the fire by repairing hand and dozer lines, installing water diversion, and restoring the natural contours. This activity is called suppression repair and it is the current focus on the Black Fire. Containment versus Completion: In order to achieve containment, it is necessary to utilize man made barriers, natural barriers and even previously burned areas to ensure no progression of the fire. The remaining uncontained side of the fire to the south is within a dense area of standing dead trees from the 2013 Silver Fire that is very steep and difficult to traverse. These hazardous conditions, along with adverse weather, have prevented firefighters from accessing this area to confirm any additional...

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