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Spain - Three people shot dead in upmarket Salamanca district of Madrid in Spain

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Social incident - Public safety incident



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2022-06-20 19:28:33

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2022-06-20 19:28:33





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Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid

THREE people died from gunshot wounds in in a Madrid city centre home on Monday. Armed Policia Nacional officers arrived at the property on Calle Serrano at 10.00 am after getting calls from neighbours about shots being fired. The officers, wearing bulletproof vests and protected with shields, smashed down the front door of the home, where they discovered three bodies with bullet holes in them. The deceased are said to be two women- aged around 70 years and 35 years old. A third body was that a man who was around 45 years. Their bodies were said to be in different rooms. The man was known to have made threats to neighbours. The police hypothesis about what happened is that the man shot dead his elderly mother and her caregiver. He then turned the gun on himself.

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