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India - Kidney disease haunts Nayagarh villages

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Biological origin - Infection hazard



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2022-08-03 06:45:34

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2022-08-03 06:45:34





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County wide event

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Chadheiyapalli, Osamaska and Pokharigochha

Kidney disease has been taking a heavy toll in Chadheiyapalli, Osamaska and Pokharigochha under Dasapalla block of Nayagarh district. Three people afflicted by the disease in these villages have been fighting the disease which has already claimed life of 13 people in the last five years. Though the exact cause behind the disease is yet to be ascertained, fluoride-content in the area’s groundwater is suspected to be the factor behind the lethal disease, reports said. The spread of the disease has left the residents of Chadheiyapalli and Dalit Sahi of Osamaska village panicked.The locals have demanded intervention of Health department and free treatment facility for the patients. At least four more villagers from Chadheiyapalli panchayat, who suffer from kidney disease, have been battling for life. Panic has gripped the residents in the area as the number of patients and deaths are rising steadily.Around 111 people of 15 families reside at Dalit sahi, 89 people belonging to nine families live in Osamaska village. People of these localities say the water available from tube wells here are not fit for consumption. The water is brownish and a thin layer is visible on the surface when the water is left still in a container for a few minutes. The residents had drawn the attention of both block and district administrations towards the issue, but their demands have fallen on deaf ears, it was alleged.Locals said, Banchhanidhi Nayak (50), Chintamani Nayak (50) and Kanhucharan Nayak (45) of Chadheiyapalli and Chaturbhuja Nayak (50) of Osamaska have died of kidney-related ailments some months ago. Karunakar Nayak (40) of Osamaska, Krushna Barik (68) of Kainadiha and Purnachandra Patra (60) of Chadheiyapalli have been suffering from the fatal disease. “The water has fluoride-content and that is why such disease is spreading in our locality. The water samples need testing. There is a dire need for alternative sources for safe drinking water,” said villagers. “If we are forced to drink this water, we will lose our lives one by one,” they lamented. ADM Bidhan Chandra Ray said that it is not clear if the disease is caused by fluoride content in water or not. It will be confirmed only after testing. CDMO Makarand Beura said that testing of water is being done.

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