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India - More than 1,200 cattle infected with Lumpy Skin Disease in Ferozepur

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2022-08-05 06:47:51

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2022-08-05 06:47:51





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More than 1,200 cattle have been reportedly found infected with Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) in Ferozepur district. Around 15 head of cattle have died in the last few days due to the LSD.The Animal Husbandry Department, which has to tackle the disease, has been facing acute shortage of staff in the district. Out of 57 sanctioned posts of the doctors, 45 posts were lying vacant at the veterinary hospitals."We have received no support from the department concerned so far. I have spent Rs 16,000 on treatment of my cattle, but there is no improvement,” said Sarvan Singh of Mallanwala.Jaswant Singh, Deputy Director, Animal Husbandry Ferozepur, said, “Despite acute shortage of staff, we have formed teams, which are visiting villages to check the cattle. The government has released Rs 5 lakh to tackle the disease.”

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