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Uganda - Four health care workers among dead in Uganda Ebola outbreak

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Biological origin - Epidemic (human)

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2022-10-06 19:38:57

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2022-11-27 06:24:47







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Mubende, Mubende district, Buganda Region

Ten health care workers have been infected and four have died in the ongoing Ebola outbreak in Uganda, health officials announced. During a press briefing on Wednesday, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, PhD, MSc, reported that 63 cases and 29 deaths have been recorded overall across four districts in Uganda. Four people have recovered so far and are receiving follow-up care. “When there is a delay in detecting an Ebola outbreak, it is normal for cases to increase steadily at the beginning and then decrease as lifesaving interventions and outbreak control measures are implemented,” Tedros said during the media briefing. In an effort to help control the outbreak, WHO has released $2 million from its Contingency Fund for Emergencies and is continuing to work with the Ugandan Health Ministry by sending additional staff and supplies. According to Tedros, the currently available vaccines — which largely contributed to the end of numerous outbreaks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo — are not effective against Sudan ebolavirus, which is the strain responsible for the outbreak in Uganda. He added, however, that several vaccines are in various stages of development and two could be used for clinical trials in Uganda soon. “Emergencies are an unfortunate fact of life. We might be able to prevent some, but we can’t prevent them all,” Tedros said. “By investing in strong health systems at the local level, we can mitigate the impact emergencies have and save many lives.”

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