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Pakistan - Two brothers killed by leopard in Neelum Valley

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Biological origin - Animal attack



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2022-09-20 18:54:29

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2022-09-20 18:54:29





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forest of Athmuqam, Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir Region

Two brothers were killed on Monday in Neelum Valley as a leopard attacked them in the forest of Athmuqam in Azad Kashmir’s Neelum Valley. 20-year-old Qadeer and 16-year-old Amjad went to collect firewood ahead of the winter season. The deceased Qadeer and Amjad went to the forest to cut wood. The incident occurred as the leopard attacked them. Both of them died on the spot as a result of the attack. The locals of the valleys brought the dead bodies. Fear and panic has spread among the people of locality after the tragic incident.

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