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India - Panic As Leopard Attacks 3 In Residential Area Near Mumbai

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Biological origin - Animal attack



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2022-11-24 10:32:42

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2022-11-24 10:32:42





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Kalyan, Thane district, Mahārāshtra

Three people were on Thursday injured in attacks by a leopard in a residential area of Kalyan, near Mumbai. Videos showed people terrified at the sight of the big cat as it jumped across a window of a building. Forest officials are at the spot and efforts are on to capture it. "I saw the leopard on the first floor. People were screaming for help. A man went inside the building despite warning and was attacked by the leopard. Some of us with sticks in hand scared it away," said a local. In one of the videos, a victim was seen with bandages on his head and an arm. Yesterday, a leopard was spotted in a densely-populated area of Nashik in Maharashtra. It was tranquilised and caged shortly after midnight, officials said.

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