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New Zealand - 9 pilot whales dead in mass stranding in New Zealand

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Ecological disaster - Ecological hazard

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2021-02-22 17:40:56

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2021-02-22 17:41:02





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Golden Bay, Tasman District

Forty-nine pilot whales have got stranded in shallow waters in New Zealand's Golden Bay and nine of them died, the country's Conservation Department said on Monday. On Friday, at least 52 pilot whales died in shallow waters in Indonesia's East Java province. "Our staff responding to the stranding at Farewell Spit have confirmed that 9 of the stranded whales have died and 40 are still alive," the department wrote on Facebook. The department added that 65 volunteers helped to care for the surviving whales until they could be refloated to deep waters. "We have about 65 volunteers assisting with the stranded whales currently. We do not need any more volunteers at this time," the department said. Pilot whales belong to the family of oceanic dolphins, but their behavior is considered more typical of larger whales. (ANI/Sputnik)
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