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Afghanistan - Three protesters killed, over 20 wounded in Afghanistan

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Social incident - Public safety incident



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2021-06-08 18:52:03

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2021-06-08 18:52:03





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Fayzabad, Badakhshan Province

By 3 Protesters Killed, Over 20 Wounded In Afghanistan'S Badakhshan Kabul [Afghanistan], June 8 (ANI): Three protesters were killed and over 20 suffered injuries in a clash with security forces in the capital of Afghanistan's Badakhshan province on Tuesday. The residents of Faizabad were protesting against inadequate security in the province and the lack of electricity and water in the area according to those who were part of the demonstration, reported TOLOnews quoting health officials. "The protesters attacked the governor's compound and threw stones and wood at security forces. They clashed with the security forces even before sharing their concerns," Nek Mohammad Nazari, a spokesman for Badakhshan's governor said, it reported further. (ANI).
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