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United States - Toxic algae found in northeast Nebraska lake

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Ecological disaster - Proliferation of plant pests



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2021-06-09 08:24:58

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2021-06-09 08:24:58





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Willow Creek Lake, Pierce County, Nebraska

Residents in northeast Nebraska are being warned about elevated levels of toxic algae in a local lake. The Department of Health and Human Services issued the toxic blue-green algae alert for Willow Creek Lake in Pierce County. State officials say weekly testing turned up levels of the algae that make the lake hazardous for consumption. Swimming won't be allowed in the lake. According to officials, boating and fishing are ok, but health officials say residents need to be careful to avoid exposure to the water itself. The toxic algae has been a yearly issue for Willow Creek Lake. The Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District has been studying the lake for months to try and find a long-term solution.
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