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Uganda - Six medical workers in Uganda test positive for Ebola

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2022-09-29 15:01:04

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2022-11-27 06:24:47







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Mubende, Mubende district, Buganda Region

Six Ugandan health workers have tested positive for Ebola as the virus spreads through three districts in the central region of the East African country.Emmanuel Ainebyoona, the health ministry spokesperson, said Thursday the infected workers had attended to a probable case."Six medical personnel have tested positive for Ebola. We are told they worked on a probable case of Ebola in the theatre," he said in a social media message.Earlier, Minister of Health Ruth Aceng said despite the infections, the medical team remains committed and the situation was under control.While addressing the nation Wednesday evening, President Yoweri Museveni announced that 24 Ebola cases had been confirmed in the country, with five deaths being registered.Uganda declared an Ebola outbreak on Sept. 20 after a case of the rare Sudan strain was detected in Mubende district, a town in the central region of Uganda.

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