For using paid services contact

Paid / charged via GUI

  • Free of Ads user interfaces (Web and App) - 99 Cent / year
  • Ad-free UIs with additional features - 9,99 Euro / year
Location based information service illustration
Location based notification services (location range)
Event history illustration
List and display event history of a location area

max. 1 month

Extended event data illustration
Extended event information with GIS data of the affected area
Multi language illustration
Multi-language notification services (machine translated)

Paid / charged per contract

Impact analysis illustration
Severity and impact analysis of events based on auxiliary (GIS) data

1000 Euro / year as standalone feature
500 Euro / year as addition to the API service

Risk analysis illustration
Risk analysis based on event chain and historical data - N/A
API illustration
API service

Base fee: 4000 Euro / year

Individually contracted services

Corporate emergency management illustration
Corporate emergency management services

Corporate (chart, location, personnel) based emergency management (training, protocol, monitoring)

Individual data illustration
Individual data service

Financial info (market sentiment, trends, short volumes, etc.)