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There are no events in this category.

Biological origin

Animal attack icon
Animal attack (1)

Animal attack

Australia - Woman reportedly bitten on the leg by shark in Jurien Bay, north of Perth
2024-02-26 09:39:21 Australia, Oceania
Epidemic (animal) icon
Epidemic (animal) (1)

Epidemic (animal)

Latvia - Swine fever situation is 'consistently bad', says food authority
2024-02-27 12:09:32 Latvia, Europe
Epidemic (human) icon
Epidemic (human) (4)

Epidemic (human)

Mexico - Dengue cases in Mexico continue to explode; 74% are in Guerrero
2024-02-28 10:24:38 Mexico, North America
Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe reports declining suspected cholera cases
2024-02-28 10:04:26 Zimbabwe, Africa
Nigeria - 20 students killed as meningitis hits Yobe State
2024-02-28 09:17:30 Nigeria, Africa
Peru - Peru has declared a health emergency in most of its provinces as dengue cases soar
2024-02-27 06:33:55 Peru, South America
Epidemic hazard icon
Epidemic hazard (2)

Epidemic hazard

Mauritius - Norwegian Dawn: Mauritius blocks cruise ship over cholera fears
2024-02-26 12:50:21 Mauritius, Africa
United States - Measles outbreak: 2 more children infected; case list increases to 8 in Broward
2024-02-26 12:45:02 United States, North America

Critical infrastructure

Failure of landline and internet networks icon
Failure of landline and internet networks (1)

Failure of landline and internet networks

Yemen - Underwater cables in Red Sea damaged months after Houthis threatened to do just that
2024-02-27 10:58:53 Yemen, Asia
Traffic distruption icon
Traffic distruption (1)

Traffic distruption

United States - More than 500 flights delayed at DIA as high winds batter plains
2024-02-26 21:39:19 United States, North America

Social incident

Local security conflict icon
Local security conflict (3)

Local security conflict

Chad - Chad fighting: Heavy gunfire in N'Djamena after attack on security HQ
2024-02-28 22:22:51 Chad, Africa
Nigeria - Five top bandit leaders, 48 fighters killed in deadly Zamfara clashes
2024-02-27 10:22:55 Nigeria, Africa
Sudan - Heavy gunfire, blasts heard in Sudan’s capital Khartoum
(9 updates )
2023-04-15 20:39:03 Sudan, Africa
Mass displacement or migration icon
Mass displacement or migration (3)

Mass displacement or migration

Senegal - 23 migrants dead after shipwreck in northern Senegal
2024-02-29 08:27:53 Senegal, Africa
Morocco - 8 killed in migrant boat capsize off Morocco's coast
2024-02-28 21:38:07 Morocco, Africa
North Atlantic Ocean - Morocco rescues 122 sub-Saharan migrants off coast
2024-02-26 22:20:06 Morocco, Africa
Public safety incident icon
Public safety incident (11)

Public safety incident

India - 12 Delhi Cops Injured While Trying To Control Mob Assaulting Extortionist
2024-02-28 18:44:06 India, Asia
Germany - 2 children stabbed outside school in Germany
2024-02-28 18:08:10 Germany, Europe
Mexico - 2 mayoral candidates of a Mexican city are shot dead
2024-02-28 04:26:52 Mexico, North America
Nepal - IED explosion in Bara: death toll reaches three
2024-02-27 19:25:41 Nepal, Asia
United States - Teenager in custody after 2 killed, 2 injured during shooting in remote Alaska whaling village
2024-02-27 09:05:45 United States, North America
Cayman Islands - 7 people in the Cayman Islands are seriously injured by gunfire at a soccer game, police say
2024-02-26 21:35:50 Cayman Islands, North America
Mexico - Suspected illegal loggers kill 3 forest rangers on patrol in a forest in central Mexico
2024-02-26 20:00:51 Mexico, North America
Zimbabwe - 12 armed men storm Slashwood Mine in Gweru, beat up guards and steal 2, 5 tonnes gold ore
2024-02-26 15:05:22 Zimbabwe, Africa
India - Railway Crossing Stop, Then Spray Of Bullets: How INLD Leader Was Ambushed
2024-02-26 13:56:14 India, Asia
United States - Second Chicago mass shooting leaves 3 dead, 1 wounded on South Side
2024-02-26 11:26:32 United States, North America
Serial demonstrations, mass movements icon
Serial demonstrations, mass movements (1)

Serial demonstrations, mass movements

Belgium - Police fire tear gas at protesting farmers in Brussels
2024-02-26 16:21:25 Belgium, Europe
Serial strikes icon
Serial strikes (3)

Serial strikes

Greece - Strikes to mark one year since Greece’s worst train crash
2024-02-28 10:31:34 Greece, Europe
Guinea - Two shot dead as Guinea capital crippled by general strike
2024-02-26 22:02:30 Guinea, Africa
Canada - Nearly 3,000 workers at York University begin strike
2024-02-26 19:43:38 Canada, North America