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There are no events in this category.

Biological origin

Epidemic (human) icon
Epidemic (human) (4)

Epidemic (human)

Congo DRC - DR Congo detects at least 25 mpox cases in Goma
2024-07-14 09:07:53 Congo DRC, Africa
Congo DRC - DR Congo faces catastrophic health, humanitarian crisis
2024-07-13 15:01:22 Congo DRC, Africa
Nigeria - Suspected measles outbreak claims lives of 10 children in FCT
2024-07-13 09:43:19 Nigeria, Africa
Nigeria - Nigeria in race against time as fresh cholera outbreak kills 30 in 30 states
(5 updates )
2024-06-19 05:57:06 Nigeria, Africa
Epidemic hazard icon
Epidemic hazard (2)

Epidemic hazard

United States - 3 Colorado poultry workers identified as potential bird flu cases after outbreak at commercial egg facility
2024-07-13 06:10:09 United States, North America
United States - 2,400 people in Oregon potentially exposed to HIV, hepatitis through botched anesthesia
2024-07-13 04:51:45 United States, North America
Infection hazard icon
Infection hazard (1)

Infection hazard

India - Dengue cases rising in Sundargarh, Rourkela worst hit
2024-07-12 06:11:40 India, Asia

Critical infrastructure

Collapse of public administration icon
Collapse of public administration (1)

Collapse of public administration

Haiti - Haiti's Main Port Closes as State of Emergency, Curfew Extended
(2 updates )
2024-03-08 18:32:12 Haiti, North America
Traffic distruption icon
Traffic distruption (1)

Traffic distruption

Hungary - Hungarian International Airport closes urgently due to runway damage!
2024-07-13 08:09:43 Hungary, Europe

Social incident

Local security conflict icon
Local security conflict (3)

Local security conflict

Yemen - Houthi missile hits containership in Red Sea Pentagon
(16 updates )
2023-12-31 16:20:36 Yemen, Asia
Sudan - Heavy gunfire, blasts heard in Sudan’s capital Khartoum
(5 updates )
2023-04-15 20:39:03 Sudan, Africa
Syria - IDF attacks military post in southern Syria after projectile fired into Golan Heights
2024-07-12 06:20:15 Syria, Asia
Mass displacement or migration icon
Mass displacement or migration (2)

Mass displacement or migration

Italy - 33 Indian farm labourers freed from ‘slavery’ in Italy’s Verona province
2024-07-13 16:40:21 Italy, Europe
English Channel - 4 migrants die while attempting to cross the English Channel from northern France
2024-07-12 11:43:16 United Kingdom, Europe
Public safety incident icon
Public safety incident (7)

Public safety incident

Germany - A shooting in Germany linked to a domestic dispute leaves 3 dead, 2 wounded
2024-07-14 15:24:56 Germany, Europe
United States - Shooting kills 3 people including a young child in a car on an Alabama street
(1 updates )
2024-07-14 06:55:25 United States, North America
France - Four people dead after neighbour opens fire on birthday party
2024-07-14 10:15:02 France, Europe
United States - Trump injured, rushed from stage after shooter fired on his Pennsylvania rally
2024-07-14 03:26:49 United States, North America
United Kingdom - London bus evacuated and roads sealed off in major incident - explosives officers on scene
2024-07-13 16:36:06 United Kingdom, Europe
Somalia - Six killed in Mogadishu prison break shootout
2024-07-13 13:09:56 Somalia, Africa
Philippines - 2 dead, 4 police officers wounded in Philippine shootout
2024-07-13 08:32:35 Philippines, Asia
Terrorism icon
Terrorism (1)


Israel - Four hurt, one critically, in car-ramming terror attack in central Israel
2024-07-14 15:41:04 Israel, Asia