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India - AIIMS server down since morning after suspected ransomware attack, all services being run manually; probe launched

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Social incident - Cyberattack



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2022-11-23 17:17:45

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2022-11-24 20:22:35





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AIIMS New Delhi, New Delhi, NCT of Delhi

India’s top tertiary care hospital AIIMS New Delhi on Wednesday reported a massive cyber attack on its servers with patient services adversely affected all day. AIIMS said the National Informatics Centre E hospital service it uses was down today with NIC teams suspecting a ransomware attack. A vast range of hospital services including out patient, inpatient billing, appointments and laboratory report generation were affected and as of 7.30 pm all services, including Smart Lab services, were running in manual mode causing tremendous inconvenience to patients and attendants and leading to service delays and hassles. A probe has been launched with AIIMS reporting the cyber incident to Delhi police. The hospital sources said help of Indian Computer Emergency Response Team and NIC was being taken to restore digital services which were down. “NIC and AIIMS will take due precautions to prevent these attacks in future,” a statement from the hospital said. The attack comes close on the heels of AIIMS announcing complete digitisation of all Hospital services by April 2023.

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