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Namibia - Mumps outbreak reported at JP Brandt Primary School

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Biological origin - Epidemic hazard



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2023-03-17 21:47:34

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2023-03-19 21:47:34





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Utuseb, Walvis Bay Rural Constituency, Erongo Region

SIXTY pupils at JP Brandt Primary School at Utuseb, about 50 kilometres from Walvis Bay, have been sent home after a mumps outbreak. The first few cases that were detected during the first week of February were accommodated at the Utuseb clinic. According to the school principal, Anna-Mildred Josti, 12 more cases were detected from 13 February, followed by more cases detected weekly. “We had no choice. We had to tell parents to take their children home and keep them there until they feel better. It is really a challenge to keep them here, as they will infect others. The school has regular updates from the parents on the pupils' progress. The school is challenged by the unavailability of a sickbay, and we appeal to the business community for assistance,” she said. JP Brandt Primary School has an enrolment of 272 pupils and offers grades1 to 7 classes. According to the Erongo education inspector, Ernfriede Stephanus, other schools at Swakopmund also reported mumps cases. “We have a few cases at Vrede Rede and Hanganeni primary schools at Swakopmund. A full report with the number of pupils [affected] will be available soon. We are closely monitoring the situation. We are in consultation with the ministry of health,” she said.

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