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India - Two injured in bear attack, one critical

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Biological origin - Animal attack



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2023-11-19 05:49:53

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2023-11-19 05:49:53





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Local event

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Kishtwar, Jammu & Kashmir

Two persons were injured here today in two different incidents of bear attack in Sigdi area falling under the jurisdiction of Chatroo Police Station.The injured persons were attacked by the bear when they were working outside their houses and they have been identified as Ghulam Hussain Chohan, 60, son of Ahmadu Chohan, resident of Bhatta and Bhabi Chand, 57, son of late Thakur Dass, resident of Gawarin.
Gulam Hussain received minor injuries and was treated at local health centre but Bhabi Chand was critically injured and was shifted to District Hospital Kishtwar from where was referred to GMC Jammu for specialised treatment.

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