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Mexico - Trailer catches fire in Mexico-Cuernavaca and there is a case

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Critical infrastructure - Traffic distruption



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2023-11-20 22:09:56

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2023-11-20 22:09:56





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Mexico-Cuernavaca Highway, Morelos

The Mexico-Cuernavaca highway is closed in both directions in the middle of the holiday weekend on November 20 due to the trailer firewhich has caused severe chaos in the area. The closure of the highway was recorded from minutes before 8:00 a.m. at kilometer 69 due to the fire of the trailer that was stuck on the road. Firefighters and various emergency services arrived in the area to address the situation and have already managed to put out the fire. The accident unit crashed into the concrete wall that divides both directions of Mexico-Cuernavaca, which led to it starting to catch fire shortly after, so there is no passage in either direction. Capufe reported that there is no estimated time for the reopening of Mexico-Cuernavaca. (X | @Gonzogar91) Federal Roads and Bridges (Capufe) urged motorists to take precautions, since still Highway closure continues due to the work at the scene by the emergency unit personnel. “There is no estimated opening time,” Capufe told a user who asked for an update. So far it has not been announced whether the driver of the burning tractor-trailer was injured. Due to the closure of the Mexico-Cuernavaca highway, approximately 3 kilometers of line of vehicles who were stranded on said road due to the trailer fire that affected both directions. Authorities have already enabled a lane so that cars can circulate in the direction of Cuernavaca.

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