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Pakistan - Pakistan is running out of water: Irsa

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Critical infrastructure - Potable water supply distruption



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2021-05-04 11:32:25

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2021-05-04 11:32:25





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Mangla Dam Colony

The water reservoirs in Pakistan have depleted to a dangerous level, a report by the Indus River System Authority revealed.
The report said that the water level in Tarbela Dam has reached dead level and the Chashma Barrage is also empty.There is only four days of water left in Mangla Dam.Only 0.53million hector feet water is left in dams and barrages across the country.There’s a threat of water shortage in the country and the rice, sugarcane, cotton and other vegetable crops can be damaged due to this.Irsa, Wapda at loggerheads over Indus River.Irsa had asked the Wapda authorities three days ago to explain where the Indus River water is disappearing. Irsa says they haven’t received any reply from Wapda.According to Irsa, 12,600 cusecs are missing from the River Indus between Bhisham and Tarbela.
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