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Iraq - 2 policemen killed in clash with gunmen in Iraq's Baghdad

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Social incident - Public safety incident



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2024-05-13 12:03:01

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2024-05-13 12:03:02





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Baghdad, Rusafa, Baghdad

Two policemen were killed and five people injured on Monday in a clash in the southeastern part of Baghdad, a source from Iraq's Interior Ministry said.A clash erupted between a federal police unit and unidentified gunmen before dawn in Za'franiyah neighborhood, resulting in the killing of two policemen and the wounding of two policemen and three civilians, the source said on condition of anonymity.The clash occurred when the police unit was conducting an operation to search for weapons and wanted people, the source added.
Reinforcements were sent to the scene to track down the gunmen, the source said, adding that the situation was brought under control.

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